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1. Can you help me find my way in what seems such a confusing aged care services maze?  Teklamena W. Sunshine, Vic.

We are very pleased to contact you and assist you with all questions and queries.  Please see the contact list to talk to our representative in Melbourne.  Alternatively, you can also obtain further information on www.myagedcare.gov.au

2. My current home care package provider does not want to provide cab vouchers to help me go to medical appointments.  Is that illegal.  I am not sure what the government guidelines say about that. Can I insist on my right to a service that suits my needs and wishes?  Jan S.  Dunedin, Tasmania

Part of the continued aged care reforms by government is to make sure that services are provided in a way that meet the expectations of clients.  There is variation in how home care services and home care package providers support seniors.  You can certainly insist on having cab vouchers as an option available as part of your Home Care Package care plan.  Please contact our Tasmanian representative, if you are not satisfied with your service. 

3. I am very happy with my support worker but I am unhappy with the organisation thru which I receive my Home Care Package?  Can I 'take my Home Care Package" to another agency but request that the same worker continues to support me?  Luigio N. Banyo, Brisbane

Yes, part of the extensive government reform that is currently being implemented means that from 1st March 2017, clients who receive a Home Care Package to help them stay at home for as long as possible, will be able to take that package to another provider.  If you know an aged care organisation that may better support you, please contact them directly.  If you would like more information from one of our representatives, please see the contact list on our website.